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Only the Reaper Knows

Verse A

We were born into this world
to be alone.
Born into this world feeling
so alone.
But maybe there is truth,
between me and you,
maybe there is…

I don’t know.
I reap what I sow and only the reaper know.

Verse A (Repeat)

I Don’t Care

Verse A

I don’t know
if you know
that I know
that you know…


That we’re going no
We’re going no

Verse B

I don’t care
if you care
that I don’t care
if you don’t care…


Verse C

I don’t know
if you know
that I care
if you care…


That we’re going somewhere!

Bug Bites & Brambles

Verse a

Bug bites and brambles,
they do not mix.
If you gonna hit that ditch,
you better hit that ditch.

Verse B

When I was young, I got my licks.
Now I’m strong and I, I takes my pick.

Verse c

I’ve been nine and
I’ve been six.
When that god-dang script flipped,
you know I shit bricks.

verse d

Doggone dog, don’t you get sick.
If you go, I’ll feel that blow.
Cut to the quick.

Verse E

Be wyrd even though
fate is fickle.
Be the brine, if you find,
you’re in a pickle.

Verse F

When I let go, I get my kicks.
If you go see me show,
you better buy some ticks.

Verse G

Like a jester with sleeves,
I play my tricks.
Burn that midnight oil and a couple,
a couple thousand wicks.

Verse H

Some call me Mike and some call me Mick.
If you won’t be a Richard,
then go be a Dick.

Verse I

I’ve been wounded,
and I’ve been nicked.
Some will gore you like a boar;
some prick like a tick.

Verse A (Repeat)

À tout malheur


I’m getting older and ugly.
I used to be just ugly and young.
I started out singing this stupid song
before I knew it had been sung.

The more I know, the less I understand,
when understanding is half the plan.
When I reach the end I know I’ve just begun
to be the man that I’ve become

verse a

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
Je suis tout êmmelé comme un Ourobouros.
J’aime quand le vent prend mon coeur.
J’aime quand l’amour surmont la peur.


À tout malheur, bonheur est bon !

repeat chorus

Ain’t Nobody

Verse a

Ain’t nobody who loves me…
Ain’t nobody who cares…
Ain’t nobody who loves me…
who’s there.

Verse B

Ain’t nobody who hugs me…
Ain’t nobody who shares…
Ain’t nobody who hugs me…
who’s there.

bridge (repeat 3X)

Lonely, feeling lonely
I wish you weren’t the only
one who knew how alone I am
or how I’ve been feeling so…

verse a (repeat)

A Game of Go

Listen to this original over here

Verse a

Do you really want to play this game of Go?
The board is set up. I know that you know
how to place each piece; take my territory.
Oh, answer me please, I’m down on my knees,
Don’t go with the breeze.

verse b

The table is set, the dinner’s been prepped.
Your eyes are dry but I know that you’ve wept.
Is the fish well done? Am I doing you right?
Let’s not tonight – I’m all out of fight.
We slept on broken lights.

verse c

The pillows are fluffed, the bed has been made.
The sheets are smoothed out but we lie where we laid.
We sung our secrets yet live out the lie.
I wish I could cry. I wish that your sigh
was a Rose Parade floating by

verse d

Do you know how to say ‘enough is enough’?
No way we could tell Love could be this rough.
Like a turbulent sea or a frequency,
the waves break us free. Oh, can’t you see?
You’re drifting away from me.

verse a (repeat)