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Lyrics for MCC’s original songs

Fall Out of Love Song Lyrics

Amin / Cmaj
Gmaj / Emaj7


Emaj7 / Emaj7/G#

I could never speak on you
because the wound was tender.
Whenever I would get your mail,
I’d write: ‘Return to Sender’.

I confess that now I scribe
‘Not at this address.’
I thought I would’ve healed inside
and disinfected this abscess.

I’ll cauterize the chasm,
I’ll anesthetize the aether,
I’ll inoculate against the incubus
until I break this fever.

I’ll pour this poem down the drain
the way I swallow pain:
All at once, in one big gulp,
until it floods my veins.

You told me that you fell out of love.
What sort of fall was it?

Was it a fall from grace or from a burning tower?
Was it cold and caught your breath
like the old winds of autumn?

When I fell out of love,
I forfeited my power.
They say the fall don’t do you in,
it’s when you hit rock bottom.

A trapdoor ejected me
when you finally
confessed to the truth:

“I may have gaslit you.”

I fell out of love at terminal velocity,
like the urn that was lost from the Han Dynasty
Ai Weiwei smashed it to pieces
just by letting go.

I went to pieces, I would have you know.
Now, I see your name like they were flakes of snow:

Mary or Marie, Marianne or Anna – they all sound like Mariana to me.

Bewitched like Dr. Frankenstein,
this poem comes to life
though its no child of mine.

I’m transfixed on stitches
because this cardio-
vascular cicatrix
is keeping me alive.

My doctor tells me I’mlucky
to have survived
but now there’s scar tissue
scrawled all across my heart.


I recall you now the way
I trace a scar X 4

by tracing it from the end
back to its start.

Team Canada

Canada, truck yea!
Honkin’ downtown to save your motherfuckin’ freedom
Canada, Truck yea!
Freedom is contagious yea

Trudeau, you know your time is up
We’ll blow our horns and beat you up
Canada (Truck yea!)
I’m sorry you fucking suck so much
Canada (Truck yea!)
What you gonna do when we sic geese on you?

It’s the memes that we all share
I’m sending you my thoughts & prayers
(truck yea!)

Tim Hortons (Truck yea!)
Poutine (Truck yea!)
Marijuana (Truck yea!)
oil sands (Truck yea!)
hockey (Truck yea!)
healthcare (Truck yea!)
Nickelback (Truck yea!)
sixties’ scoop (Truck yea!)

[guitar solo]

peanut butter (Truck yea!)
Jim Carrey (Truck yea!)
snowmobiles (Truck yea!)
maple syrup (Truck yea!)
Rockies (Truck yea!)
Marijuana (Truck yea!)
road lines (Truck yea!)
mining (Truck yea!)
pacemakers (Truck yea!)
basketball (Truck yea!)
goalie masks (Truck yea!)
Keanu Reeves (Truck yea!)
insulin (Truck yea!)
Anne of Green Gables (Truck yea!)
Semi-Trucks (Truck yea!)
Moose (Truck yea!)
America (Truck yea!)

(Truck yea!)

Nurture Nature

there is hope on the wind,
there is love in the air.
Nature is on the mend
even if you don’t care
where all this will end,
how our future will fare.

Will –
Will you
change for me?
I did
leave behind
to the grind
of time.
Will –
Will you
be ground?
Ground fine?

Do –
Do you
really need me
to get by?
Would you cry
if I
said goodbye?
Do –
Do I
even try
to love you?

is there hope on the wind,
is there love in the air.
Nurture will hem you in
even if you do care
if the bough breaks or bends
if a God hears your prayer.

Will –
Will you
change for me?
I did
leave behind
to the grind
of time.
Will –
Will you
be ground?
Ground fine?

Only the Reaper Knows

Verse A

We were born into this world
to be alone.
Born into this world feeling
so alone.
But maybe there is truth,
between me and you,
maybe there is…

I don’t know.
I reap what I sow and only the reaper know.

Verse A (Repeat)

I Don’t Care

Verse A

I don’t know
if you know
that I know
that you know…


That we’re going no
We’re going no

Verse B

I don’t care
if you care
that I don’t care
if you don’t care…


Verse C

I don’t know
if you know
that I care
if you care…


That we’re going somewhere!

Bug Bites & Brambles

Verse a

Bug bites and brambles,
they do not mix.
If you gonna hit that ditch,
you better hit that ditch.

Verse B

When I was young, I got my licks.
Now I’m strong and I, I takes my pick.

Verse c

I’ve been nine and
I’ve been six.
When that god-dang script flipped,
you know I shit bricks.

verse d

Doggone dog, don’t you get sick.
If you go, I’ll feel that blow.
Cut to the quick.

Verse E

Be wyrd even though
fate is fickle.
Be the brine, if you find,
you’re in a pickle.

Verse F

When I let go, I get my kicks.
If you go see me show,
you better buy some ticks.

Verse G

Like a jester with sleeves,
I play my tricks.
Burn that midnight oil and a couple,
a couple thousand wicks.

Verse H

Some call me Mike and some call me Mick.
If you won’t be a Richard,
then go be a Dick.

Verse I

I’ve been wounded,
and I’ve been nicked.
Some will gore you like a boar;
some prick like a tick.

Verse A (Repeat)

À tout malheur


I’m getting older and ugly.
I used to be just ugly and young.
I started out singing this stupid song
before I knew it had been sung.

The more I know, the less I understand,
when understanding is half the plan.
When I reach the end I know I’ve just begun
to be the man that I’ve become

verse a

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
Je suis tout êmmelé comme un Ourobouros.
J’aime quand le vent prend mon coeur.
J’aime quand l’amour surmont la peur.


À tout malheur, bonheur est bon !

repeat chorus

Ain’t Nobody

Verse a

Ain’t nobody who loves me…
Ain’t nobody who cares…
Ain’t nobody who loves me…
who’s there.

Verse B

Ain’t nobody who hugs me…
Ain’t nobody who shares…
Ain’t nobody who hugs me…
who’s there.

bridge (repeat 3X)

Lonely, feeling lonely
I wish you weren’t the only
one who knew how alone I am
or how I’ve been feeling so…

verse a (repeat)

A Game of Go

Listen to this original over here

Verse a

Do you really want to play this game of Go?
The board is set up. I know that you know
how to place each piece; take my territory.
Oh, answer me please, I’m down on my knees,
Don’t go with the breeze.

verse b

The table is set, the dinner’s been prepped.
Your eyes are dry but I know that you’ve wept.
Is the fish well done? Am I doing you right?
Let’s not tonight – I’m all out of fight.
We slept on broken lights.

verse c

The pillows are fluffed, the bed has been made.
The sheets are smoothed out but we lie where we laid.
We sung our secrets yet live out the lie.
I wish I could cry. I wish that your sigh
was a Rose Parade floating by

verse d

Do you know how to say ‘enough is enough’?
No way we could tell Love could be this rough.
Like a turbulent sea or a frequency,
the waves break us free. Oh, can’t you see?
You’re drifting away from me.

verse a (repeat)

The way she goes

Listen to The Way She Goes over here

Verse A

It must have been a saloon
The way she looked at me
I thought my death come soon
And she would sign the deed

I wanted to get to
the other side of your bedroom.
Now I’m looking at the scripture of my own doom!

Chorus (2x)

Oh, oh, oh!
Oh, it’s the way she –
Oh, its the way she goes!


I don’t know why…
I can’t even try.


It’s been a wild ride.
On the Otherside,
you can see inside yourself.

Come along with me and see for yourself.
Kiss me one last time ‘fore I break the spell.

Verse b

It must have been a saloon
The way she looked at me
I thought my death come soon
And she would sign the deed

I wanted to get to
the other side of your bedroom.
Now I’m looking at the rapture of my own doom!

chorus (2x)