Slip me some sugar but you’re missing the molasses
and these mogul fascists
deserve 10^10 lashes.
Brandish the sashes and the barcode Ids
Identification fees costing you your identity.
Like muddy boots mingled with the shingles in a miser’s loot.
Are you in cahoots with the root fruits that produce this rotten truth?
My trenchcoat moat reveals roles like haute culture
I was born in the future so my epitaph will be graphed in the past!
I stack ‘lax graffiti tasks on streetbeat kids who got a thread for Lamborghini skids.
Rid of them all so don’t you stall!
When their flag is in the clear,
you don’t fear to drop the ball.
‘Cuz their smokestack ceremonies and their alimonies
breed fires into electric wires until the
choirs rent a tents at the base of the spire.
Call me a liar and we might have a brouhaha
Too many brews will get you bruises and you’ll need a spa!
Flap your wings and rap sweet nothings
I soften the sting like a broke arm in a sling.
And my longtime standing friend is now demanding an end
to this stipend that’s coming outta my two hands.
I pretend to render a smile fender-bender like the Nile,
your style can’t contend! With the depth of my breath
so I leave you to the flock
Grieve not that you’re caught as the brine of the stock.
I’ll ladle you anyways, slurpslip a sip to the tip of my lips
It’s better than a kiss ‘cuz
Nothing is missed in this gastrointestinal slowflow parable
Lying underneath this table

Cut the cable or cradle umbilical cords
Can’t afford to get rabbinical on the Lord
Draw the sword, or the pen if that’s your aim
Just be sure to find some blame or ‘least leave a stain
In the wrong game, maybe I’ll still capitalize
Cannibalize “turned” spies quick like turnstiles
Memorize, the process to this next spit
With no control over flow, sometimes it can just quit
get lit up, need a friend like i need a spark
either way would work to burn away this lonesome dark
on the midnight oil that burns but doesn’t boil
black and pitch like soil, why witches find preference
‘least, lackeys of lore retain my deference
Clearly clever sense, when I leave you for the Self
Dusted up my health and wealth that I left up on your shelf
but I’m over it. No longer playing games
Can count on me to always change, that stayed the same.
Just don’t forget my name, I’ve had enough awkward parties
Getting carded in bathrooms and told that I’m the “shorty”.
I burn bars whenever I get delirious, or furious,
Truly Curious to feel young and impervious
To shirts and snuff and bashful bluffs
Came too close like sniveling prose out of your nose,
Took the wrong dose, now you’re rooted and can’t balk.
This is the final walk so guard your speech and Don’t talk
We’ll be having a rendez-vous, you and I
True or die lullaby make all the wincing widows cry
All the same, ends you in a fresh-dug grave
Jeepers Creepers, creeping crawlies know how they should behave
although Slaves, they still brave the Overmind
Direct orders with the “Thanks, you are too kind”
Nevermind, no longer blinded by your orders
I smuggled all of your daughters across the borderline
Wave goodbye like Sin
Try to find the blade to break this bind
I’m Alex of Macedonia showin’ ya the answer to his koan
And no drugged up Samoan can bluff me like the mirror showing
Fear and stale drinks, beer and alcoholic sinks gotta think
this one through, last three hours felt like two.

by Michael Cody Clarke
All Rights Reserved