Who am I?
When you do see me, I’m frosty, freewheeling and altogether dreamy
Unseemly, I know, to call my own posture, but who better?
Me or an impostor?
I fostered more children than I could even name ‘cuz my seed flows heavier than a storm drain!
I bring the flood, you know I got the King’s Blood!
In my capillaries so I must be royalty. So bend your knee ‘cuz I demand fealty
To my decrees and especially my pedigree: the Satan Spawn of my sexuality
Until all and one can agree upon the glory of Me: MCC
Master of this Cerebral Ceremony.

Now if you take the moment to ponder and recline, we’ll turn the conversation to Albert Einstein of the Rhine.
He was the greatest thinker of his time.
Scientific revolutions in his mind, he could find
All the best solutions to all the world’s pollutions – even mine.
One of nomenclature that undermined my stature,
I would grind
My teeth to dust
because I fussed and fussed
over who to trust
establishing my bust
‘Cuz I don’t wanna be stumbling, fumbling
with my wrist in rattling this ritalin
I get my medicine as if it was insulin.
I’m insolent but not insignificant.
I’m magnificent but not like Maleficent.

I’m Mista Bent, like a character borrowed – a shade trade that belays my largo flow. I slip like ice and snow but don’t flake and when I bake, I spit spiritual.

Grip the cash bag of lyrics
and bash any fake spirits that hamper your
stuttering sidesteps.
Be blessed oh dear pious one
messed up with a melted spoon and this loaded gun.
This situation is ill-spun like Hunter`s bad dream with a Thompson.
Or was it a handgun?
I can’t remember…
A whole different calibre I clip to the quick and spit before you can get hold of your esophagus.
And this metropolis has become my sarcophagus.
Don’t matter got gold like Tutankhamon
‘cuz I’m so rich I make all y’all look common
And my derelict slapstick ticks off all these Brahmen.
I’m conjuring just like a magic shaman.
So, dream of genie or better yet a genius.
A sober, serious scientist that did enlist
in unveiling the tale of the cosmos.
Let’s all dose on Al’s mathematical prose.
E=MC squared,
I dare thee to refute this truth!
But you see,
my philosophy is inextricably eponymous of its calligraphy.
I’m MCC, synonymous with Energy!

by Michael Cody Clarke
All Rights Reserved