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NaPoWriMo #2 Fibonacci Spiral

nuclear division
transcends initial form
flowering, deviating from the source
slowly, inexorably, imperceptibly, mutations alien to their lineage
manifest within genetic environments rubbing elbows wearing colours forming traits and claiming species
claiming territories boundaries osmotic as wind and tide and quakes and lakes of lava which reshape sea-surrounded continents speckled with lakes
teeming with life inside life inside life duplicitous as Indra’s net interwoven with the simmering substance of primordial soups milky with the tears of stars torn asunder beyond the tundras of scattered scarlet moons.
And what was at first complex is now a simple pattern. What began once may begin again until entropy wins out in the end. Heat death is immanent. Nothing is sacred in infinite space. Only time may log on and blag about endless trivialities until it turns in upon itself and collapses inward. Consciousness is
an emergent property aroused by manifold deviations self-replicating perfectly with errors and irregularities of rhythm and rhyme postulating periods of dissonance in the DNA that hallowed corridor of our ancient selves buried deep within the universe of every cell conducting experiments discoursing data concocting chemical receptacles for refined labyrinthine genetic code rolled into double-helix highway libraries static electricity sanctuaries corroborating corridors of knowledge condensed from the saturnine radiation of solar powered melted magnets made from magnified nuclear fusion settling heavy metals in the mucus of a star’s exploding innards.