A compass, a way of being, a symbol of unity:
The swastika originates from the ancient tongues of the Vedas,
The spiritual cradle of Buddha, and it reads in Sanskrit:
“It is good”. 

Scribed upon warped, wooden doors, 
It served as an invitation to Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.
Come in, it would read, in ox’s blood or cardinal ink,
And you are in good company. 

Symbols satisfy. And they succour in times of sorrow.
And they sit still in great rivers, eroding every so slightly.
But History is not a river – it is an ocean of tides 
And waves full of wrath and kinetic force. 
And out of turbulent seas come creatures of chaotic being.

The soft-shelled discourse among social scientists confirms
Hitler’s unique discernment: his social grace and the gesticulating phrase.
And his radical beliefs that under-mined the Nazi Party’s philosophical regime
were eclipsed by the banners that preached:
“This is Good”
“This is Home”
“Arya”, again in Sanskrit
While the swastika points to
The great, white pillars of Rome.

And the pyres of patriotism stoked the purblind vision
Of the average, German citizen – 
no different than any other citizen – 
And the ancient, mystic, holy vision of peace massaged 
Through loving-kindness and self-awareness
Was martyred by the Mephistophelian mission.

And good fortune was gone. And the meek marginalized.
And the world whimpering between the shadow-dancing walls.
And the immortal paintings of proto-man murky
In their discontent.

I saw a billboard in Crimea, Ukraine urging voters to accept the Referendum 
To revert to being Russia’s Kiev;
The ancient dead’s incantations materialized by metal-melting men,
Who are more thieves than brothers.

And the billboard depicted the choice between Yes/No
As the choice between: 
A tri-coloured Crimea
A Black-and-Red Concentration Cell
Powered by the Machinations
Of the ever-inflamed

Even irony is dead, crushed beneath the tightening coil of Kleptocrats,
Who kill rapturous History just to watch her bleed between the cracks
In the concrete.