It is with warmth and pride that I stand here before you today, my fellow citizens of poetry.

The past year has been one of triumph and tribulation. There have been unexpected events that have tested our national character to its limits and I acknowledge the intrepid boldness with which you have faced these difficult times.

We stand together against the forces of terror and ignorance which plagues those abroad and threatens our values at home. Alongside our allies, we must defend the free world. We are playing our part, because it is in our interests. But, one sad fact of the war against knowledge and literacy is the number of refugees who flee brainwashing itself, aggrieved by censorship and oppression. For those that may speak out loud, free from fiendom, we must lead these encumbered individuals into the safety of our great nation with our united cries.

Again, I thank you for your kindness and openhandedness. Together, we shall lead towards a better tomorrow!


I stand here humbled by the great responsibility that each and every one of you has granted me here tonight.

That every word must have its place is now well understood. The poetic body faces outward against a great sea of chaotic thought, while our collective vision carries us safely towards the horizon. Ships have sunk in the past and salty tears have been swallowed by all. As our pain unites us in this interminable quest for hope, we must pray against the nightmares of violence and fear.

We stand upon the waters of doubt and uncertainty alike, and I have been trusted with the honourable task of steering at the helm of this ship. As I rise to take on this challenge, I am reminded of those who have come before me, and how they have remained resolute in the face of incredible danger because of the strength of our poetic body’s principles and beliefs.

We are the keepers of this legacy. Your will shall guide my hands as we sail onwards unto prosperity.


I would like to, first and foremost, thank you all for your many votes of confidence.

Thank you to all who said “YES!” to poetry and dared to asked the question, “Will we prevail?”. I answer you tonight, “we HAVE prevailed!”. We won in a fair and open field, without the requirements of brute force or intimidation to elevate this humble servant onto this stage that floats above our great and unencompassable motherland.

This is not only a test of our will as a holy nation of writers and thinkers, it is a test for poetic ripeness, for independence and freedom of expression. We have shown that none may impose their will upon us. Nothing and no one.

And to all neutral observers, it was a clean victory, an honest submission of excellence. So, I thank you all for holding me to my promise – we HAVE succeeded. We WILL prevail.

Glory to Poetry!