How much do you know about the world that you live in?

Answering important questions like where do I fit in?
how shall I inherit the merits
of pre-existing systems?

My equipment for sussing out good sense
is the equivalent of rubbing together
two penny cents
in a relentless quest
to test my patience.
And I’ve got none left,
nowadays trying to chase the stray straightaways –
all for sunset conquests –
and learning nothing along the way.

Because when I make a mistake, I like to make it twice.
It must be because I can’t cross the same river twice.

At any cost, I keep my eyes on the ground every single day
’cause something lost can become something found, as old wives say.
Even innocence can be regained by understanding pain,
and while some pray, others reflect,
but in the end, what does it get you all the same?
Le fin, quand même.

What do you know about the world that you live in?

Answering important questions like
where do I fit in?
who will teach me
about the essence of commitment?

Or teach me about the habitat of rhythm
that we’re all living in manifesting one
communal vision which lets you breathe,
sets you free to move between the lines
which bar our lives, our dreams, our mission.

“One of these mornings, you’re gonna rise up singing”
and beauty everlasting will be found while doubled-over,
gasping for breath, fasting perhaps in preparation for death,
under the cover of recovering from a deafening crescendo.

O, those little poetic moments that read gross like prose when you tell
cold shoulders about the most morose sorrow that you felt some time ago.
And though you may have fervently believed in some sotto voce motto,
there came a time when even those words rang out hollow,
and you swallowed your convictions
like satanic benedictions.

As Rumsfeld ruminated:
“[T]there are known knowns, things we know we know.
We also know there are known unknowns, what we know we don’t know,”
but then, there are,
“unknown unknowns, [where] we don’t know what we don’t know.”

And when I listen to the crackle of the radio
All I hear isshot_2