Euterpe! Muse of Melody,

How did I forget
The beauty of these leaves?
Regret I did not see
The forest for the Trees

Please! One more reprise
Of these sad reeds’ pleas.
Sown seeds can mend ravines
Wait. One moment. I have to pee.

See, these fickle trickles of daffodils
Thrill me as they spill upon my sight
As a whirlwind of wonder. Woodsy trills
dally dully like the Doldrums do at night.

Phantasms merge volcanic chasms.
A crescent moon spoons the sky
as I pray through chattering teeth. Spasms
suffocate the susurrus of my sighs.

My muted, morning lullaby
Mingles with the tingling dusk.
My musk reeks of the Bacchanae
‘In Vino Veritas’ I vociferously busk.

I must confess I’m all alone
in this. I’ve kissed macbeth’s skull
And fell into some empty throne
Or forest ditch. This depression is full

Of all the beauty and all the dreams
That gleam like the breath of ghosts.
Nothing is ever as it seems.
Night annihilates nostalgic toasts

To what is passed and forever lost.
Now, dawn’s cold fog stiffens my soul
And I must bear a boring cross
To mend my home and pay the toll

To alcohol. That fiery fiend keeps me in thrall
With bounteous beauty and bedraggled sense
Of sight and smell. How sickly seems its call
In the belligerence of the present tense.

And was it worth it, after all?
What is wisdom that stales with sobriety?
If you leap from a cliff, are you now free to fall?
Was the guilt in my soul planted by society?

How will I recover my self from me
If I have lost my sense of direction
In this lively forest? The pores of every tree
Stick with the sap of seduction.

I could sweat a suit of tears
And find no solace in sadness.
So, I will sing away my fears
In another drunken bout of madness.