Canada, truck yea!
Honkin’ downtown to save your motherfuckin’ freedom
Canada, Truck yea!
Freedom is contagious yea

Trudeau, you know your time is up
We’ll blow our horns and beat you up
Canada (Truck yea!)
I’m sorry you fucking suck so much
Canada (Truck yea!)
What you gonna do when we sic geese on you?

It’s the memes that we all share
I’m sending you my thoughts & prayers
(truck yea!)

Tim Hortons (Truck yea!)
Poutine (Truck yea!)
Marijuana (Truck yea!)
oil sands (Truck yea!)
hockey (Truck yea!)
healthcare (Truck yea!)
Nickelback (Truck yea!)
sixties’ scoop (Truck yea!)

[guitar solo]

peanut butter (Truck yea!)
Jim Carrey (Truck yea!)
snowmobiles (Truck yea!)
maple syrup (Truck yea!)
Rockies (Truck yea!)
Marijuana (Truck yea!)
road lines (Truck yea!)
mining (Truck yea!)
pacemakers (Truck yea!)
basketball (Truck yea!)
goalie masks (Truck yea!)
Keanu Reeves (Truck yea!)
insulin (Truck yea!)
Anne of Green Gables (Truck yea!)
Semi-Trucks (Truck yea!)
Moose (Truck yea!)
America (Truck yea!)

(Truck yea!)