Jack Love Jill.
Jack will love Jill.
Jill is loved by Jack.
Does Jill love him back?
No, Jill does not love Jack.

One day, they are asked to fetch the water.
The elders say, “Work together.
Hold hands, do not let go –
or you will teeter-totter.”

So, up the hill they went, with the pail in tow.
Hand over hand, they drew the water from the well.
But then, their tender grip slipped, and down the hill they fell
And so begins this tale of woe.

While rolling down the spinning hills
Jack wonders, “Can grass grow in tousled hair?
Do I see Jill tumbling there
or just a cloud of grass that spills and spills?

Which lands Jack on his head.
“Thud!” is precisely what the ground said.
Wobbling to her feet, Jill sees, and screams.
Collapses back down upon her knees.

But now! Jack howls, cries foul, and gets back on his feet.
Runs wild, while Jill rubs her eyes in disbelief.
Stuck dumbstruck and then, whew! relief.
Lets herself release the tension
in her butt cheeks.

Then she speaks, “Jack, you spilled
All the water in the pail!
You really ought to be more careful!”

Jack stops stockstill and tries to tell Jill
That he may have broken down,
For he cannot produce a sound –
That something else must have spilled
For he has never felt so frail
But alas, he fails to tell this tale,
And collapses upon the ground.

Jill sees and agrees to lie Jack down while telling Jack that Jack looks pale.

Now, Jill is talking wrongly.
Or, is Jack not hearing rightly?
Did Jill just say, “Must you more hold the pail tightly?”
Jack wonders, “Did hear that I correctly?
Why do feel so sleepy I?
Nighttime is it, blue, bright sky?”

Now, Jack is snoring soundly.
So, Jill runs down the tiny trail and yells so loud
You would have thought she had a siren in her mouth.

And out they come, one and all,
“Jack with the cracked head,” they said, was the village call.

And when they found him lolling there,
He was tearing up all the clover.
And when he woke, he only spoke
The same words over and over:

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.

Nowadays, Jack, head cracked, can not love Jill.
Does Jill now love him back?
Jack is loved by Jill.
Jill will love Jack.
Jill love Jack.