This poem is a virus. The present times require us 
to inoculate against the hate that divides us. 

Its not too late to vaccinate
against the news that circulates online.
Some viewpoints can poison your mind through your iris.

I got tired of this so I designed this poem in a writer’s lab.

Soundborne, spread through speech
and word of mouth, it’s out of reach
of technocrats
due to its advanced
poetic techniques.

The poem induces an immune response
from within the prefrontal cortex.

Imagine a species of Corvus selecting core texts
to construct nuance in your neurons
by infecting an open orifice.
You’ve maybe heard of this phenomenon:
Ear worms will make you hum like an automaton.

It may seem obscene
but good health
if often built from the dead cells
of hellish devils.
And so it is with this aural vaccine.

It’s a cruel world where curiosity
is corralled down rabbit holes by Silicon Valley
who profit off the radicalization of our families.

Now, it’s up to you and I
to steel our minds against the vagaries
and mean-spirited replies
in the comment sections of a subtly racist Facebook post.

Remember! Don’t feed the trolls because they only eat their own kind.
Let’s not form our entire identities online.

To stop potential mindrot, you can inject a piece of the pox
so your psychology can foresee a potential enemy.

It could be a false equivalency, rhetorical fallacy, or even plain jackassery.
The allure of a cure,
the gift of a grift,
the calm of the quiet
before a lovebomb
blasts you back to where you started.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

So guard your heart, maintain your steeple,
and I hope one day, online or off,
you will find your people.